QuickCal for Google Calendar 1.1

Released - 2016-02-23 | Updated - Sep 29, 2016
QuickCal for Google Calendar is a simple Google Calendar where users will be able to access Google Calendar faster without the help of a web browser. This is one of the fastest way to access Google Calendar on Mac. By using this app, users will be able to add events quickly and sync them right away to Google server.

Top features:
-Easy to add events and share with friends.
-Add events quickly with Keyboard shortcut shift-cmd-N
-Open multiple windows with cmd-N and browse more calendars.
-Add more than one Google Account and change with keyboard shortcut cmd-0, cmd-1 and so on.
-Open app from status menu bar.
-Show number of events on a day as badge on icon.
-Search events with keyboard shortcut shift-cmd-F

QuickCal for Google Calendar is one of those few apps in the Mac App Store that have successfully optimized Google Calendar into a Mac Application. It is a must have app for every Mac user who wants to get quick access to Google Calendar without having to do anything with Web Browsers. So, download it today and never forget an event to attend.

Thank you