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QuickContacts for Google

QuickContacts for Google

QuickContacts for Google is a simple Mac application from where users will be able to browse through their Google contacts in an easy to use app layout. This app will help users to get their hands on to the Google contacts instantly, at anytime, in anywhere without the help of any web browsers. This app has successfully integrated Google Contacts into a native looking app layout which makes it easer to work on Google Contacts.

App Highlight:
-Instant access to Google Contacts.
-Add multiple Google accounts and switch between them when needed.
-Access all the features of Google Contacts through this app.
-Open Google Contacts from Status menu bar with keyboard hotkey.
-Open main app window from anywhere from keyboard hotkey.
-Add new contact with keyboard hotkey.
-Hide left panel to make app more compact.

QuickContacts for Google is the easiest way to access Google Contacts on your Mac. So, download the app today and enjoy a comfortable Google Contacts experience.

The current iteration of Google Contacts won't let you import, export contacts through the app. You will have to do them in the old layout from a web browser. We will definitely update the app as soon as Google Contacts starts support the above mentioned features in the new layout.

In order to make the app work, user needs to have a working internet connection. QuickContacts for Google is completely an online app and works only when the internet is available. This app will not save any contact to the system hard drive, except when users export it.

Google Inc. was not associated with the development of the app. All the Google Logos, artworks, names, trademarks displayed in this app are property of Google Inc.

  • ‎QuickContacts for Google on the Mac App Store
  • ‎QuickContacts for Google on the Mac App Store
  • ‎QuickContacts for Google on the Mac App Store
  • ‎QuickContacts for Google on the Mac App Store
  • ‎QuickContacts for Google on the Mac App Store

QuickContacts for Google

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